Serving as an official commission within the World Evangelical Alliance, the Mission Commission is an international and inter-generational community of global mission leaders pro-actively reflecting on shared issues in order to advance God’s mission.

As disciples of Jesus we stand with national and regional mission movements and global networks as instruments to assist churches to engage in mission. When we gather as reflective practitioners in dependence upon the Spirit, a platform and space is created to address crucial mission issues and apply them to concrete ministry contexts.

Some 50 countries with significant Evangelical mission presence have been identified as “sending nations.” For almost three decades now, the WEA Mission Commission has dedicated its energies to strengthening these continental and national entities, and promoting movements in nations that currently are not a significant part in taking the Gospel from every nation to every nation. It is the only global platform that serves this important function.

In order to gain the maximum leverage in its work, the WEA Mission Commission strategically serves the global mission community as manifested in mission movements, networks and mission structures in order that they in turn can effectively serve their own constituencies.