The WEA Mission Commission exists to catalyse a community of global leaders and provide a platform for multi-cultural voices to advance God’s mission.

Over 250 MC Associates (representative leaders from our global constituency) from 85 national mission movements in seven regions are currently banded together by the Mission Commission.

We work together in identifying and addressing common issues in the global missionary enterprise through joint research, gathering to discuss findings, planning and executing cooperative projects, and developing widely accessible resources that promote the health and growth of Evangelical cross-cultural mission entities around the globe. Projects like the development of African National Mission Movements and the Global Dialogue Forum have greatly shaped missions from the younger and older nations to address critical issues related to their growth and effectiveness.

The WEA Mission Commission continues to identify cutting-edge needs and to develop the tools to address issues. 

Much of our work is done through research and consultations that generate both publications and funding for training, distributed throughout our diverse networks with long term effects. Teams of gifted and committed women and men who volunteer their time carry out our projects. We also provide a place for international networks to link with us.

The WEA Mission Commission accomplishes its vision through:

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The Mission Commission Strategic Plan has identified the following five main key result areas that we will focus on in this season:

(1) Starting and Strengthening National Mission Movements;
(2) Facilitating Global Co-operation in Mission;
(3) Empowering Global Mission Initiatives;
(4) Operational Infra-structure and
(5) Team Development.