The WEA Mission Commission leadership consists of a Global Leadership Council, a Executive Committee, a full-time staff, as well as a individuals and committees that lead the various task-forces and networks that form the greater WEA Mission Commission community.

The following individuals are currently serving on the WEA Mission Commission GLOBAL LEADERSHIP COUNCIL (GLC):

Decio de Carvalho (Puerto Rico) Regional Mission Movement (Latin America)
Wolfgang Büsing (Germany) Regional Mission Movement (Europe)
Peter Tarantal (South Africa) National Mission Movement
Steve Moore (USA) National Mission Movement
Pam Thyer (Australia) National Mission Movement
Harry Hoffman (Central Asia) Networks/Task Forces (GMCN)
Rob Hay (UK) Networks/Task Forces (Younger)
Reuben Ezemadu (Nigeria) International Mission Organisations/Networks
Duncan Olumbe (Kenya) Missional Churches/Mission Agencies
Bruce Huseby (USA) Missional Churches
Hikari Matsuzaki (Japan) Mission Agencies/National Mission Movement
Ruth Wall (UK) Global Networks
Nosa Tukura (Nigeria) National Mission Movement
Patrick Fung (Singapore) Global Mission Organisation

Currently serving on the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE are:

Peter Tarantal – Chair
Steve Moore – Vice-chair
Decio de Carvalho
Pam Thyer