Over 275 MC Associates (representative leaders from our global constituency) from 85 national mission movements in seven regions are currently banded together by the Mission Commission.

We work together in identifying and addressing common issues in the global missionary enterprise through joint research, gathering to discuss findings, planning and executing cooperative projects, and developing widely accessible resources that promote the health and growth of Evangelical cross-cultural mission entities around the globe.

The Mission Commission will invite other mission entities to “dock” with the MC Task Forces or Networks based on the following guidelines:

(1) The MC Global Leadership Council sees the relevance, integrity, value, leadership governance of these mission bodies and senses the Spirit’s direction to engage in a dialogue of relationship;
(2) The new relationship affirms evident value-added to both them and the MC;
(3) These new groups demonstrate deep commitment to cross-cultural mission;
(4) These groups purposefully serve the regional and national missionary movements as well as the key networks that are part of the MC;
(5) These groups are committed to transparency in funding and governance;
(6) Every third year the relational renewal of the relationship between the two bodies will be evaluated by the Executive Committee; and
(7) A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will guide the participation of a missional group with the MC. It sets the foundation for the ‘rules of engagement’ including a discussion of resource sharing. This agreement intends to give freedom for partners to fully enjoy and explore potential of the MC environment and contains details about the partnership and engagement expectations.

For more information on how to dock with the WEA MC, contact Bertil Ekstrom on (bekstrom@worldea.org)