Two recent Mission Commission books for reflection in 2017

New-Release-MC_2016Dear friends of the WEA MC, who share our passion for the mission of Christ in a world in need of a Savior,

Warm greetings in the name of the only One who is worthy to save us! As we greet you we are conscious that we have entered a bold new year, where the cause of mission, locally and globally, will be uniquely challenged by the rapidly changing world around us.

One of the core mandates of the Mission Commission is to provide a platform for multi-cultural voices to advance God’s mission. As a mission community, we work to identify and address issues common to cause of global mission. Once thoroughly explored, we publish findings in various ways, most tangibly through the Globalization Of Mission Series of books. These books seek to amplify voices in our community otherwise unlikely to be heard on the wider global Christian scene. We believe contributions from reflective mission practitioners all over the globe enrich our understanding of God and God’s mission for our times.

In case you have not already been made aware of it, in 2016 the Mission Commission celebrated an unprecedented TWO NEW RELEASES! Below you will be able to read more about these.

In short, they were The Church in Mission: Foundations and Global Case Studies and Mission in Motion: Speaking Frankly of Mobilization. The first title explores the biblical perspective of the Church, missiological issues facing the Church, and provides some contextually relevant case studies of the Church in mission. The second release discusses the long-awaited results of a global research project begun in 2007. Mission in Motion provides a platform for people involved in mission from all over the world to share their understanding of why people become involved in mission.

Please click to download the full description of both these books: READ MORE: Two new, critically important WEA MC releases

At the WEA MC Global Consultation in Panama in October 2016 the baton of leadership for the Mission Commission was passed from Bertil Ekström to David Ruíz, who begins his tenure as Executive Director from the beginning of 2017. We had a wonderful time of celebration in Panama, honoring Bertil for his many contributions and blessing David for the leadership task ahead of him.

What was not formally announced at the Consultation was that another leadership transition would happen this year. This is the transition of leadership for the WEA Mission Commission Publications Program. Bill Taylor has passionately championed Mission Commission publications since developing the program as the Executive Director of the MC. Under Bertil’s leadership Bill continued to coordinate the program. Bill has now stepped aside and passed the baton of responsibility on to Jay Matenga, one of the authors of Mission in Motion.

“I am delighted to pass this singular baton of Publications Coordinator to Jay, a dear friend and highly respected colleague,” said Bill Taylor. “When I began serving the MC in 1986 I had no idea that I would also eventually help produce books! But that was just one part of my learning curve. In the area of publications, it was our former colleague, Dr. John Lewis who mentored me into the process as he transitioned out of the MC in 2006. I am so thankful that Jay has keen insight and creativity in the publications realm, and under his leadership the MC will position itself strongly in both electronic and print media.”

We are looking forward to the future of mission reflection as Jay steps into this new role with us.