New Mission Commission book “Mission in Motion” to launch at Global Consultation in Panama

mim_fb-profileTen years in development, execution and analysis. Nine researchers, covering eight regions of the world. Hundreds of hours of transcribed dialogue.

One aim: “What motivates people to become involved in mission?”

This book reports back.

With David Bosch’s “crisis in mission” as their backdrop the research team discovered that mission is indeed still in flux and concepts of mission are myriad.

The authors survey the history of mission mobilization for the first time in a book and identify four major categories (ideal-types) of mobilization activity. Then global voices speak frankly about what accelerates and retards mission’s flame. While many things can help or hinder mission involvement, consensus fell on one factor that ignites a passion for mission, and it is revealed in Mission In Motion.

This new Mission Commission book, which forms part of the Globalisation of Mission series, will launch officially at the Global Consultation Panama on 4 October 2016.

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