Missional Pilgrims arrive at Ribbingebak for MC Global Roundtable

The attendees of the Global Roundtable were welcomed today to the beautiful Ribbingebak retreat centre, a few kilometers outside Uppsala, Sweden.

Bertil Ekström welcomed the approximately 60 leaders from around the world, representing various mission networks and missionally focussed national and international ministries, with a word from Deuteronomy 10. He introduced the theme of the Global Roundtable as “Missional Pilgrimage”, and highlighted how the main purpose of the time spent together in Sweden is to discuss what it means to be followers of Jesus on a journey, making disciples.

Bertil shared a brief history of the Ribbingeback retreat center, established in 1637, which to this day remains a place of healing, restoration, fellowship and spiritual refreshing. He expressed a heartfelt hope that it would also be a significant milestone on the pilgrimage of those attending the Global Roundtable this week.

Bertil introduced the main guiding themes for the Global Roundtable, which foremost includes building relationships, then identifying trends in global missions, to outline ways to serve the world. Also, to affirm the process of dialogue to confirm the sense of partnership within the global mission community.

Rajedran also confirmed the purpose of the Global Roundtable as a forum where those who are leading large networks, who have the influence to direct missional practice in the world, can share stories sand insight to prepare a road-map for global missions practice.

Another very noteworthy point to summarize the first evening of the Global Roundtable, is that the pudding at dinner was spectacular.