Global Roundtable – Day 2 – Ministry integrity

Our morning devotion text for the second day of the GRT in Pretoria was 2 Samual 11: 1 – 13, with reflections on a critical point in the life and ministry of King David.

The Input of today was faciliated in two sections, the first by Decio De Carvalho. He presented a perspective on ministry integrity built through trust. Trust is the currency of relationships, needed to build ministry integrity. Integrity in ministry flows in two ways: Integrity towards God and integrity towards one another. Our focus here is on integrity to one another, and particularly on a fundamental element of integrity, which is trust. Here is a link to the powerpoint presentation: Trust presentation

Peter Tarental faciliated the second part of the morning’s input, by exploring Kairos moments in global mission dialogues. Some of the spontanuously recalled moments that were highlighted by the GRT participants included the following:

1986: General Assembly of WEA in Singapore
1987: September (Dream: The MC is a small rowboat, keep rowing in the same direction)
1997: GCOWE in South Africa
1999: Iguassu consulation – informal meeting over lunch, in Pattaya the conversation was more formalised.
1999: Great Commission Roundtable (Norway) – Norwegian mission leaders gathered,  leaders from WEA, WEAMC, Lausanne and other leaders.
2001: Malaysia consultation
2001: Pasadena: COMIBAM invited the Western and Non-Western mission organisations to sit together – a failed attempt at dialogue
2006/7: Pasadena: Dialogue meeting called between PMA, KMA, IMA, COMIBAM and  others  between Global North and South leadership
2007: Lausanne roundtable to discuss if Africa has the capacity to host a global conference
2008: Columbia – COMIBAM conference (Invited MANI)
2008: MANI movement (Giving voice to the African mission leaders) Johannesburg –  sharing of stories between Global North and Global South – Following that was WEA MC Pattaya conference with a subgroup of dialogue discussion.
2010: Edinburgh conference with dialogue arounf teh north/south issue
2011: All Nations GRT
2013: Sweden GRT
2015: South Africa GRT

If there are any other moments that have been significant to further global dialogue in the context of missions, please email them to

Leaders from what is traditionally referred to as the Global North and the Global South were asked to participate in a session where they verbalised their appreciation of the behaviours that they appreciate the most of each other.

GNorth to GSouth:
We appreciate your –
Relationship-building and communal decision-making
Spirituality and dependence upon God
Ongoing commitment and tenacity to continue the conversation

GSouth to GNorth:
We appreciate your –
Servanthood and willingness to mentor
Willingness to adapt

Todd Poulter concluded the session with the question: Who are the people whom God is asking us to make room for in our hearts to give the gift of trust?
Our afternoon session was a powerful session exploring what the “one voice” Christian response should be to different levels of increased violence.

Panelists highlighted through real-life stories, how they have had to deal with violence in their different contexts and help their national church develop a theology that includes a Biblical response to violence. The different topics that were addressed included Response to terrorism (with specific reference to the challenges faced in Kenya and Nigeria), Reflections on the nature of violence, Response to religious persecution, and a Response to violence in our society and homes.

The conclusion of the session implored those attending the GRT to contribute towards an understanding of what it means to represent “One Lord, one Body, one voice” when it comes to our response to violence, and our support of those who suffer as a result of it. Various action steps were also presented by the participants.

Bertil Ekstrom highlighted how much is being done behind the scenes, especially also in partnership with the Religious Liberty Commission of the WEA, and through partnerships with the Refugee Highway Partnership.

In the evening we had a very significant time with a panel of leaders from the CWME of the World Council of Churches and the World Evangelical Alliance. We had with us Bishop Ef Tendero (Secretary General and CEO of the WEA), Bishop Ndaba Mazabane (Chair of the International Council of the WEA), Rev. Jooseop Keum (Executive Director of the CWME of the WCC) and Bishop Geevarghese Coorilos (Moderator of the CWME of the WCC).

The panelists expressed an appreciation and respect for each others’ contribution towards the furthering of the Gospel throughout the world, and also expressed a desire for further dilaogue and cooperation and unity between the various bodies and networks that represent God’s Church globally. Rev. Keum highlighted one of the projects that resulted from a cooperation between the Vatican, WEA Theological Commission and the WCC CWME, namely Christian witness in a multi-religious world, which is a tri-angular response towards developing an ethical code to engage in evangelism in different cultral contexts.