Global Consultation (3 – 7 October 2016, Panama ): Introduction

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-3-46-09-pm“Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord”. 1 Tim 1:2

Around 300 people from more than 85 countries are registered for the MC Consultation. We come from different ecclesial, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, but we belong to the same family and share a common passion for Jesus Christ and for God’s Mission.

The main theme of the Consultation is POLYCENTRIC MISSION – from all nations to all nations.

The general flow of the program starts with a brief historical review of Panama 1916 and the developments in mission both out of the Latin American continent and in a global perspective. Lessons from history will be applied to current realities and the polycentric mission will be described and analyzed.

The fast changing world scenario will be acknowledged in several of the plenary sessions and roundtable discussions, focusing on collective contributions and partnership solutions. So taking the history as a trampoline into the present with focus on the future of mission, the consultation aims to help us move some steps ahead in an obedient, servant-minded and cooperative discipleship for the sake of God’s Kingdom and the impact of the Gospel.

We are also gathering in Panama for fellowship with one another, sharing our stories, strengthening existing bonds and building new relationships. MC Task Forces and Networks will meet and a great variety of opportunities for dialogue will be provided for in the program.

Please pray for our time together, as we are expecting to be refreshed by the fellowship with colleagues from so many different places and renewed by the encounter with the Holy sending Three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Please read the programme narrative, and connect with us on Twitter: @MissionWea to participate in the conversation #PanamaGC2016

New Mission Commission book “Mission in Motion” to launch at Global Consultation in Panama

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William Carey Library relocating warehouse

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