SPECIAL PRE-PRINT OFFER – The Church in Mission: Foundations and Global Case Studies

Church in Mission CoverThe WEA Mission Commission and William Carey Library are pleased to introduce the new volume of the  “Globalization of Mission” series, The Church in Mission: Foundations and Global Case Studies.  Edited by Dr. Bertil Ekström, Executive Director of the WEA MC, the book is the most recent distillation of Evangelical and globally-grounded studies on the local church-people of God. Dr. Ekström has led an MC global missiology task force team of reflective practitioners through a 3-year process working in community to present this singular publication gift to the church on and in mission.  Some 31 writers from 19 nations have contributed to this resource, demonstrating yet again the Mission Commission’s commitment to listen to the global voice and provide a publishing platform for those voices to be heard.


Core information of The Church in Mission: Foundations and Global Case Studies

  • Publishers: William Carey Library and WEA Mission Commission
  • Release date: May 1, 2016
  • Size: 7” X 10”, 278 pages, soft cover, perfect bound.
  • International ISBN: 978-0-87808-0533
  • Full color front and back cover
  • Retail price of $19.95 with generous discounts up to 65% for volume purchases.


We encourage you to circulate this special pre-print offer to all the colleagues in your network and thus ensure the significant sales and distribution of a book that has the potential of profoundly shaping all ministry training. If you wish to see a pdf sampler of the book, write Bill at btaylorgc[at]gmail.com and he will send it to you.


See: The Church in Mission_Information and order details for full details about how to pre-order this valuable new resource, endorsed by evangelical leaders from around the globe.


Address all order and payment questions to:

Dollie LeJeune: dollie.lejeune[at]stl-distribution.com


Sorrow & Blood

The conception of the book goes back to the missiological consultation in Iguassu, 1999. The editorial team of William Taylor (USA), Tonica van der Meer (Brazil), and Reg Reimer (Canada) worked over six years to compile this unique Biblical, historical and case study anthology.